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I charge $220 per hour for all clinical services, although this fee will be increasing to $250/hr for new clients in 2023 (and in April 2023 for existing clients). Clients pay for the service at the end of each session; payments can be made with cash, cheque, or credit card. Reports and written documentation are charged at a rate of a half hour per written page.  Fees are subject to change.

Psychotherapy and Consultation

Therapy hours are 50 minutes in order to allow some time for clinical notes and other administrative tasks. Additional tasks over and above basic administrative tasks, such as consultation with school staff or another health professional, documentation/file review, are also charged at my hourly rate.


Assessments vary greatly depending on the referral question. I am most commonly asked to conduct comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessments or Gifted Assessments, with the typical components and time estimates detailed below. Rates are subject to change.

Assessment ComponentComprehensive Psychoeducational AssessmentGifted AssessmentOther Information
Intake Interview1.5 hrs0.5 hrsChild does not attend this meeting (older teens welcome to attend)
Forms$100$25Fee that goes towards record forms, questionnaires, etc...
One-on-one assessment with child5 - 6 hrs2 - 3 hrsDepending on referral question, complexity, and child this could take more/less time.  Less time needed if child has had a recent academic assessment at school.
Feedback Meeting 1.5 hrs0.5 - 1 hrsChild does not attend this meeting, unless older/mature.
Administration & Scoring2 hrs1 hrIncludes communication outside of session, reviewing documentation, sending questionnaires, scoring protocols and questionnaires, and reviewing performance/conceptualization. When additional information/time is needed this would be discussed with parents and approved in advance (e.g. ASD assessment, large volume of documentation/copying, observation scales for specific questions). 
Psychological Report6 hrs*3 hrsHalf paid at the feedback session to reflect work already completed, and the remaining half is due on pick-up/delivery.  Reports for Autism assessments or with a language assessment component require one additional hour.

Sessions attended by a parent can be billed under their name(s) (upon request), allowing families to maximize their benefits. Also, the assessment report can be billed under a parents name since it is the parent who puts the recommendations into action and uses the information to support their children. However, please note that insurance companies vary in terms of whether they will allow this so you are best off checking with your provider at the outset.  Be sure to ask them if your name should be on the physician referral (if required). 

Additional Information

Clients who do not cancel 24 hours before a session may be charged  for the full session, depending on the circumstances.

If you have insurance, it is important to contact your provider to obtain information about what psychological services will be reimbursed. Please contact them to find out the number of hours or sessions that they will cover. Please note that some insurance companies require a referral from your family practitioner. It helps when the referral is made out to the family with the child as the primary client if you would like to claim some of the costs under a parents name. You will be required to submit your own claims. Whatever amount is not reimbursed by your insurance company might be able to be claimed as a tax deduction on your income tax as a medical expense.

The policy for cheques that are returned due to “not sufficient funds” will result in the client repaying the amount of the cheque plus any penalty charges. Any account that has not been paid within 30 days will be charged interest on a monthly basis at a rate of 10% per annum. If no payment has been received within three months, then your account canbe put into collection. This would be a last resort and you would receive a letter indicating this intention prior to putting the account into collection.

If you have remaining questions about my fees please do not hesitate to contact me or my reception for more information.